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          The city of Athens will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day this year by hosting its second annual St. Patrick's Day festival.  Along with a stage filled with Live Music and performance acts, there will be vendors lining the streets offering delicious foods, creative products, and activities for participants of all ages.  This Irish celebration will be the first of its kind hosted by Athens.

          Festivities will begin with all the Bars and Restaurants opening at noon on Saturday the 14th and staying open till 2:00 AM on March 15th. This will take place along Clayton Street in the Classic City's downtown district.  All participants are enthusiastically encouraged to invite their friends and families to join in with the festivities. 


           In concurrence with the festival, local bars and restaurants in the area will be hosting a Pub Crawl starting at 4pm, giving patrons special deals by purchasing the festival's Pub Crawl shirt.  Shirts will be available for purchase during the festival.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Southern Festivals by calling 706-591-4664 or emailing  

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